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To be leaders in the Agricultural Biotechnology sector through innovative solutions and technical support to satisfy the needs of the farmer. 


Develop and produce biopesticides for agriculture, from strains selected and exclusive for their effectiveness and excellent adaptability, provide technical and scientific support to our distributors and offer specialized technical assistance, thus ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.


At Biotor, we are experts in research, development and production of innovative biological solutions for agriculture, thus helping farmers to enhance the yield oftheir crops and overcome the challenge of sustainability.


We have a team of 48 highly qualified professionals, led by Agricultural Engineers, Masters in Business Administration and Doctors in Agricultural Science, specialized in commercial development and agricultural research and development, as well as Graduates and Technicians with extensive experience.

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At Biotor we grow thanks to the work and commitment of our human capital. We are a company with solid values and we strive to attract and retain talent to always seek excellence.

is based on 

Biotor is committed to local development. We promote the use of microbial pest control agents in sustainable agriculture, increasing confidence in biopesticides as key factors in markets with increasingly higher standards.

We help farmers maximize their harvests with minimal resources and without risk to human, animal and environmental health.


Biotor shares all of this experience internationally through its commercial partners with presence in 7 countries (Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Peru and Mexico).


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General Manager
Ing. Luis Fernando

Torres MBA.

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Vice Manager
PhD. Leopold  
Hidalgo Diaz

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Commercial Manager

Ing. Milton Pineda

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As a company we have a series of commitments, principles and values that we demand of ourselves every day to meet quality standards and achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

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Kilometer 109.5 Pan-American Highway
Sébaco - San Isidro, Nicaragua

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