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Invictus is a product that has its origin in the microbial consortium composed of selected and exclusive Biotor strains of biological control agents Beauveria bassiana BCC-411, BCC-414 and of Beauveria brongniartii  BCC-405.

His strengths as BIOINSECTICIDE are based on the ecological plasticity, Being a product formed by a consortium of three biotypes, ensuring a high capacity to adapt to different agricultural ecosystems and in its high pathogenicity and virulence, demonstrated by the high capacity to invade the body of insect pests, causing illness and death.

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Invictus It has the peculiarity of causing epizootics when the fungal inoculum multiplies on the corpse of the infested insect and the spores spread through water and wind, managing to infest other insects.


It is a contact bioinsecticide, effective for foliar applications on plants.

Four-step mode of action (adhesion, penetration, infection and sporulation)

The Microbial Consortium between the strains BCC-411, BCC-414 andBCC-405 It favors its versatility, obtaining maximum effectiveness against different pests and ecosystems, covering a wide range of control.

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