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Cronox Plus It is a product that has its origin in the microbial consortium composed of selected and exclusive Biotor strains of endophytic fungi and biological control agents. Trichoderma asperellum Ta.13(=BCC-101) and Pochonia chlamydosporia var.   catenulata   IMI SD-187 (=BCC-201).


Its strengths are based on its excellent characteristics such as BIOFUNGICIDE, BIONEMATICIDE and BIOSTIMULANT, which enhance rhizospheric microbial activity and favors the biological balance of the soil. 

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The studies carried out on the strain IMI SD 187 (=BCC-201),  have demonstrated a very high level of production of resistance spores (chlamydospores), which increase their persistence in the soil in the face of adverse conditions.

The strain Ta.13 (=BCC-101) It is characterized by its growth speed and its antibiosis (mechanism to produce toxic metabolites that inhibit the growth of other phytopathogenic fungi). These qualities ensure effective control of phytopathogenic fungi by space colonization.  


By colonizing the rhizosphere the strain IMI SD 187 (=BCC-201), It parasitizes eggs, juveniles and adults of phytoparasitic nematodes, by producing lytic enzymes that degrade the cell wall of the nematodes, penetrating and feeding on them. By reducing their populations it allows the root system to develop.

The strain Ta.13 (=BCC-101) It stands out for having a wide production of enzymes (glucanases, cellulases, proteases, chitinases, etc.) which ensure mycoparasitism.effectiveness of the main phytopathogenic soil fungi.

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Studies carried out with our selected and exclusive strains  IMI SD 187 (=BCC-201) and Ta.13 (=BCC-101),  demonstrated their high capacity to endophytically colonize the roots of various crops, giving rise to a symbiotic relationship with the plant. 


Induces resistance mechanisms

systemicin the plants.


Produces indole acetic acid (IAA),

growth phytohormone.


Solubilizes phosphorus and other nutrients

little available for the plant.


Creates a network of mycelia that grow along the rootsthrough which it translocates nutrients and water to the plant.


*At the beginning of the rainy season, with the first 100mm of precipitation.

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Kilometer 109.5 Pan-American Highway
Sébaco - San Isidro, Nicaragua

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