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Atropos It is a product based in the microbial consortium of two strains, selected and exclusive to Biotor, of endophytic fungi and biological control agents Metarhizium anisopliae Bt-Ma. 005 (=BCC-305) and of Beauveria bassiana Bt-Bb. 003(=BCC-403).

His strengths as BIOINSECTICIDE are based on the entomopathogenic action on pest insects, with the potential to cause epizootics and endophytic colonization capacity in the  leaf and root tissues of plants.

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Atropos It has the peculiarity of causing epizootics by multiplying the fungal inoculum and producing spores on the corpse that are spread by water and wind, managing to infest other insects.


It is an effective contact bioinsecticide in both foliar and soil applications.

Four-step mode of action (adhesion, penetration, infection and sporulation)

The microbial consortium between the strains Bt-Ma. 005 (=BCC-305) andBt-Bb. 003(=BCC-403) It favors its versatility, obtaining maximum effectiveness on different pests, covering a wide range of control.


*In developing and productive plants 1st APP.  (June), 2nd APP. (Sept.-Oct.) according to monitoring.

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