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Our proposal
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Selected strains and 
exclusive applied to extensive agriculture.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.


The soil, a living ecosystem and a non-renewable resource.


Comprehensive Program

Microbial (PIM) exclusive to Biotor.

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Biotor develops biotechnological solutions (Biofungicides, Bionematicides, Bioinsecticides and Biostimulants) for sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture, which in turn help farmers maximize the yield of their crops. 


We propose selective biotization with exclusive and selected beneficial microorganisms, with the highest standards, for pest control and crop biostimulation.

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TRICHOMAX PLUS 15.6 WP is an evolution of the product TRICHOMAX 7.2 WP based on the selected and exclusive Biotor strain,  of the endophytic fungus and biological control agent Trichoderma asperellum Ta.13 (=BCC-101). This innovative product, is specially designed for crops of RICE, SUGAR CANE and PEANUTS.


​Its evolution is based on a more concentrated and powerful formulation, with a high pathogenicity and a remarkable capacity for stimulate growth. These characteristics enhance rhizospheric microbial activity and favor the biological balance of the soil, giving rise to a product environmentally safe.


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General Manager
Ing. Luis Fernando

Torres MBA.

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Vice Manager
PhD. Leopoldo  
Hidalgo Diaz

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Commercial Manager

Ing. Milton Pineda

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We Are

More and more of us BioBelievers are asking ourselves what role we can play to achieve more sustainable, environmentally friendly agriculture that, at the same time, is capable of feeding the world without giving up profitability.

At Biotor, we have found the answer in the possibilities that biotechnology offers us, but you can also be part of it, you can also be a BioBelievers.

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Kilometer 109.5 Pan-American Highway
Sébaco - San Isidro, Nicaragua

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