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Our process of strain selection for microorganisms is comprehensive and thorough. We carefully select strains based on their unique characteristics, which can help farmers maximize their harvests.


Our collection of strains comprises over 100 microorganisms that have been carefully selected from diverse ecosystems through directed microbial isolations.

Our Innovation and Solutions Development Department (IDS) conducts thorough studies and tests on candidates based on the needs of the market and farmers.

Our process of strain selection and testing culminates in the development of a competitive and exclusive strain that can be used as a biotechnological solution.

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Our research culminates in the development, evaluation, and production of our products. Our facilities are equipped to handle the entire process, from ideation to delivery.

To ensure the consistency of our products, we follow strict quality control measures during production. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality products that meet our customers’ expectations.


Our Agricultural Research Development Team (IDA) provides specialized support to farmers and distributors. The team is supported by our Diagnostic Clinic (CD), which ensures that our customers receive the best possible service.

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At Biotor, we are committed to developing new products that guarantee living soil free of pests and provide more benefits to crops. We achieve this by focusing on understanding the mechanisms of microorganisms as forms of natural pest control and promoters of the growth of plants and their roots.

At Biotor, we specialize in researching, developing, and producing innovative biological solutions for agriculture. Our goal is to help farmers maximize the yield of their crops while overcoming the challenge of sustainability.

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Kilometer 109.5 Pan-American Highway
Sébaco - San Isidro, Nicaragua

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